Feed What Matters Series

Join us in a new series starting July 18th on Feeding what matters. 

10am | Bluff Creek Elementary or Online YouTube

Worship at Lakeside

Expand each area to find out more on worshiping at Lakeside Covenant Church

  • In-Person Indoor Worship

    We are excited that we are able to meet in-person at Bluff Creek Elementary!

    We are committed to creating space that is welcoming, compelling and loving to all who join us. We also need to honor the District 112 and how they have asked us to gather as rental group. Listed below are ways, with your help, we believe we can create a real experience for people to encounter a real God, while keeping everyone's health and safety in mind. 

    Click Here to Read Lakeside's worship Guide

  • Online Worship

    Each Week we invite you to experience worship music, a prayer, kids teaching, and a message from Pastor Steve live at 10am on our YouTube channel.

  • 10AM Start

    The experience online and in-person starts Live at 10AM. Don't be late. Set an alarm. Brew a cup of coffee. Gather those in your home. Share a text invite with a friend! If you arrive early online to the service, enjoy some music!

    How Do I Experience Lakeside In-Person?

    As of February 14, 2021 we will be back in-person at Bluff Creek Elementary school. You will be warmly greeted as you enter the school and directed back to the gym where we meet each week. To ensure we abide by the safety protocols of the school district and to keep our attendees safe we ask that you wear a mask and stay socially distant. However even with these safety protocols we will have a warm welcome and a great worship experience. 

    How Do I Experience Lakeside Online?

    On your computer, phone or tablet, go to our YouTube channel where you can join others in a live experience led by a Lakeside!

    What if I Can't Attend @ 10AM?

    If you miss us at 10AM, our services are always posted on YouTube.  Go to our YouTube Channel to catch us at another time that works for you!

Audio Sermons

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