Our Story

Lakeside Covenant Church is a new gathering of friends and neighbors in the Chanhassen-Chaska area who desire to create space where we invite one another to Belong because we are loved by God, bring real questions, grow in faith, Believe in Jesus and Become more the people God dreamed us to be.  We are a part of the larger denomination called the Evangelical Covenant Church.


Pastor Steve Anderson sensed a movement from God to begin a new church in the southwest metro of the Twin Cities.  Steve had served on staff at Excelsior Covenant Church for over 18 years and also serves as the Chaplain for the Chanhassen Fire Department.  After sharing the vision for planting a church in the Chanhassen/ Chaska area, Excelsior Covenant supported this new movement with great excitement. As the parent church of Lakeside, Excelsior Covenant generously supports this new church plant through a variety of resources.


During the summer of 2017 Lakeside Covenant Church will host BBQs in local parks.  We’ll play, grow in friendship, eat some good food, play some “backyard sports,” celebrate kids and share about the vision for what we sense God calling us to be as a new church.  This Fall, Lakeside will host monthly preview services and connection events. We invite you to join us and get a sense of who we are and how we will invite one another to Share Life, Pursue Jesus and change the world. 

Worship Gatherings: Bluff Creek Elementary School, 2300 Coulter Blvd, Chanhassen, MN 55317

Vision: We long to share life, pursue Jesus, and change the world.


We desire to create space where we invite one another to Belong because we are loved by God, honor real and honest questions, grow in faith, Believe in Jesus and Become more the people God dreamed us to be.


Generosity  |    In the character of God, we discover a deep well of generosity. He is generous with his love, welcome, grace, mercy and provision.  We desire to reflect God’s character by being generous with the gifts God has given us, holding loosely and extravagantly giving, blessing and sharing what we have received.

Authenticity  |    Jesus welcomes people just as they are. We value authenticity and invite people to be real, bring genuine questions of faith and doubt, extend real friendship to one another and pursue God’s truth with grace.  We will remove any unnecessary obstacle that makes it difficult to be real, belong, believe and become the people God desires us to be.

Evangelism  |    Found people find people.  The Bible speaks to living life apart from God as being lost.  We believe that God loves us just as we are and too much for us to stay there. We desire to help people explore the question, “who is Jesus?”  The journey and discovery changes everything.  When we find this amazing gift of God’s love, we are called to share it with our family, community and the world.

Scripture  |    The Bible is God’s special revelation to humanity that we may know him, his love and plan for our lives.  We revere it, honor it and see our lives in the story of God.  Our community, life and rhythms of worship center around the Bible.  Through the Holy Spirit, the Bible shapes us, grows us, speaks to us and leads.

Discipleship  |    We are a community of people devoted to one another and to growing in our understanding of scripture so that we can become more the people God dreams us to be.  We will pursue Jesus, grow in the knowledge and grace of him and seek to help others grow in faith.  We will make disciples who make disciples.

Missional  |    We seek to take on a missional posture—joining God in bringing the good news of his love and invitation to new life in our community and the world.  This will lead us to develop new ministries in our community and come along side mission partners around the world. We will stay attentive to what God is doing and join in it.  Doing this will call us into our community, start new churches and send us into the world.

Restoration |    We believe that God can rewrite any story and restore wholeness to things that are broken.  We desire to participate in the change that God desires to see in the world by extending compassion and care to others, seeking justice and being open to God’s Spirit leading into places that need restoration.  Participating in God’s renewal of all things is a long journey and calling for those who follow the way of Jesus.


  • Steve Anderson

    Meet Steve Anderson, Church Plant Pastor.  Steve grew up in Minnetonka, loves the MN lakes, uses his hands to create things out of wood, dreams of a dust free wood shop, loves fishing, mountain biking and craves spending time with his family. He loves using things that are discarded and repurposing them to create something new.  Steve and his wife Daisy have two kids and love their community.  


    Steve graduated from Bethel Seminary, St. Paul with an M.Div.  He is passionate about helping people live in the tension between life's bigger questions and faith.  He invites people to swim in the deep end of the pool and challenge their comforts.

  • Jason Rohman, Worship Leader

    Meet Jason Rohman, Worship Leader.  Jason grew up in both St. Paul and in a small town called Trimont, MN.  His passions include, raising his daughter, young adult ministry, leading a Celebrate Recovery ministry, and writing, recording and performing music.  In his spare time, he directs a radio station called Rock the Faith Radio and produces Christian talk content for the station and other networks.   Jason has called Chaska and the surrounding area home for more than 10 years and loves his community.

    Jason graduated from St. Cloud State University with a degree in teaching secondary language arts.  Most recently, he completed the coursework for a license as a drug and alcohol counselor at Crown College.  His work with at-risk students and adults has developed into a love for the most broken. 

What Do You Believe?


Lakeside Covenant Church is a church plant of the Northwest Conference of the Evangelical Covenant Church.

The Covenant Denomination has six affirmations, which express the central beliefs that make up the core of what it means to be a Covenant church. These affirmations are: 

  • The centrality of the word of God,
  • Necessity of new birth,
  • A commitment to the whole mission of the church,
  • The Church as a fellowship of believers
  • A conscious dependence on the Holy Spirit. and
  • The reality of freedom in Christ. 

To read more about the affirmations and the core beliefs of the Covenant follow this link.

What's In A Name?

Our Name

When we read about the life of Jesus in the first 4 books of the New Testament, Jesus invites people, ordinary-everyday people, to follow him. He lets them know they belong because they are loved. As people spend time with Jesus, experience his unconditional love, grace and mercy, they come to believe in him. When people spend time with him, they soon become more the people God intended them to be and experience true life.


The invitation from Jesus to “follow me,” changes everything. This invitation often begins on the side of a lake (Lake Gennesaret—Sea of Galilee).  We desire friends and neighbors in our community to consider this invitation from Jesus that changes everything. May this invitation for them begin at...  Lakeside Covenant Church